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Next-Gen Games Will Feel More Visceral Says EA’s Laura Miele

EA’s Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele shared more information about how next-gen games, will look, play and feel different from the current generation of games. Sharing her insight to, the executive explains that the next-gen hardware is allowing developers to change the way that games are produced, SSDs are allowing creators to introduce new features.

“Historically, console transitions have been punctuated by increased graphic fidelity and that hasn’t changed — this next generation of games will certainly take a visual leap — but we are also taking advantage of the extra memory and CPU cycles to bring a lot more detail to life.

“As an example, in Madden we will be using the NFL’s next gen stats so every athlete in the game will play how they do in real life, with the data being updated in real-time. Fans in the stadium will be unique people responding to the action on the field. Deferred rendering allows us to use colors and lights in more dynamic ways… and dynamic weather systems will impact the athletes, their equipment and the playing field. Games are going to feel different, better and more visceral.”

Miele also shared an update about how the company is dealing with the COVID-19 ahead of the launch of the next-gen consoles. She explains that EA’s transitioning their teams to their homes was done with the focus of keeping their team safe and healthy. According to her, developers had EA’s support to guarantee productivity and all the comfort developers had on the studios.

If you had told me four months ago that we could shift our entire global workforce to working from home, I would have said it was either impossible or that it would take us a year to plan for it. We got everyone home and operational in a matter of days and I’m blown away by what our teams have accomplished.


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