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New Xbox One controller colors and stereo headset announced

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New Xbox One controller colors and stereo headset announced

Microsoft today announced some new additions to the Xbox One’s accessories lineup, providing some new color choices to those in the market for a new controller and headset.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller design comes alongside the recently announced Xbox Design Lab launch that offers granular design choice for the most expressive of Xbox gamers. Instead of being able to change the color casing, button, handles, and knobs, the new Xbox Wireless Controller design comes in a pre-designed “metallic magenta that fades into a matte black finish.” There is a secondary option that comes in blue which apparently was an Xbox Design Lab favorite among fans.


Xbox Wireless Controller in black. No doubt answering many a request from gamers, Microsoft is also making the new Xbox Wireless Controller available in black. In addition to the standalone controller for Xbox One, which will arrive in stores this month for $59.99, Microsoft is also refreshing its PC PC controller bundles, which include the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows and the USB Charging Cable, with the new (black) controller as well. These bundles will ship in October.

“Note that the white Special Edition Xbox Stereo Headset is indistinguishable from its standard Xbox Stereo Headset counterpart in all but color. This special edition is colored white specifically to accompany the launch of the Xbox One S, which along with its bundled controller are both painted white. For the gamer that must be color coordinated, the special edition will be a required purchase — just as long as there’s a GameStop or Microsoft store nearby.”

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