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New World
New World

New World Has Lost Over Half Its Player Base Since Launch

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When New World launched it seemed like the sky was the limit. The Latest game from Amazon Games Studios, the MMO launched with a concurrent player count of 650, 000 players, a number that quickly grew, reaching numbers over 900,000 in October. Now players are over leaving, with the game having lost over 500,000 members of its player base.

New World launched on September 28 to solid reviews and a large number of sales, after being delayed multiple times. Since then, however, the game has had a rough time of it, as any new MMO might have. These issues have included several major bugs and exploits including one to farm gold that the company combated by disabling all forms of wealth transfer.

Its own massive player base, which is usually a good thing, became an issue as servers became overloaded, waiting times started to skyrocket, and transferring between serves became more and more delayed. While these sorts of hiccups have plagued other multiplayer games in the past, it is becoming progressively harder to ignore them when your studio should be proactively aware of them by this point going into a launch.

As presented by SteamCharts, the game has a far smaller base than it was enjoying early on, with its average number shrinking as well. Perhaps these players simply got tired of the issues and are waiting for some form of fix. It could also be a large number of players that simply got bored. This being said, the game is still managing over 300,000 players so it’s not exactly dying.

Either way, the studio is working on several fixes for the game to hopefully straighten out these issues further. While it has not been discussed yet in any great detail, like all MMO‘s, the studio is probably playing the long game so hopefully, we will see more content added that gets players excited to jump back into the new world.

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