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New World Promotional Image
New World Promotional Image

New World Release Details Announced

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Summertime is now in full swing which means it is time for the video game industry to start unveiling upcoming titles players can expect for the fall. The Summer Games Fest stream announced an exciting title today – Amazon Game Studio’s New World. We are pleased to report that the Summer Games Fest had no shortage of exciting titles players have been patiently waiting to hear about. 

While the game was first announced back in 2016, Amazon Studios didn’t deliver the first trailer until 2019. The trailer left fans clamoring over the game’s graphics and stunning environment. While showing no actual gameplay, the short Youtube trailer has racked up to date over 17 million views and comments. Many fans said, “This shows zero gameplay. Where is the pre-order button?” and compliments like, “Thought this was a movie at first, outstanding visuals.” 

The game itself is described as a massive multiplayer game set in the 1600s. Players will be able to colonize fictional lands modeled after colonial America in the Atlantic Ocean. The game features other interesting elements such as players being able to form groups of five and joining their choice of three factions, The Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant. Once players join one of the three factions they will be able to do quests, fight with other players, or just go on some adventures to explore the land. 

Even though the game was originally slated for a May 2020 release date it was unfortunately hit with the delay bug. But gamers shouldn’t worry as they can expect to get their hands on this epic masterpiece in around two short months. New World releases on August the 31st, 2021. 

While it may have flown under the radar with the Summer Game Fest first-day announcements, it looks like it could be one of the hidden gems in the announcement lineup this year.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for more gaming news. 

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