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New Videos Show Off New Persona 5 Royal Features

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With the massive expansion to Atlus’ Persona 5 title, Persona 5 Royal, set to launch in Japan in only a few months, the developer behind the series is revealing more about what’s new in the extended version. While we know that a new location, new Phantom Thief, Confidants and activities will be a big part of the changes, there’s also various elements added to the combat side of gameplay.

The latest reveals come in the form of short video clips from the game’s official Twitter page giving fans a look at the new gun elemental damage and the new “Ishi” feature. Check out both of the tweets including the video clips below:

The new gun enhancements arriving with the Royal expansion allow players to unlock new customization options for each character’s gun weapon which will add a bit of elemental fury to their attacks. Enhancements such as fire or electricity are two of the examples of elemental attacks that will become available in Royal.

The second new feature is known as “Ishi”. The Ishi feature allows players to unlock extremely rare accessories by discovering hidden items scattered throughout Palaces. These coveted accessories offer up unique abilities that are only available with the Ishi feature.

Persona 5 Royal is set to release on the PS4 on October 31, 2019 in Japan with a western release scheduled for sometime in 2020.

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