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New Trailer for The Other 99 released

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New Trailer for The Other 99 released

A new trailer for survival for The Other 99, a single player, first-person, action-survival game has been released and is now available for distribution. The new trailer can be found on Youtube or for download to further distribute it. The new video celebrates a mark in development: Six months have passed since the game has hit Early Access.

The Other 99 certainly has that weird vibe to it. The Steam page describes this game as a British Battle Royal or Lost meets Fight Club and Lord of the Flies. Well, that is one way to look at it. Judging by what I have seen so far, it is not far off.

Burning Arrow are really opening The Other 99 world up to gamers to toy with. You can drop in and take on all comers without regard to your wellbeing or you can take a stealthier approach. If you hold back, lurk in the shadows, then you may see more about the island as a whole than you ever would by running and gunning your way around. Things may not be what they appear on the surface.

The game is only available on PC Steam.

Check out the Trailer:

“The Other 99 is a single player, first-person, action-survival game. Ripped from their ordinary life, players awaken on a desolate hebridian island with nothing but a single note that reads: “The only way off the island is through the The Other 99”. Described as a British Battle Royal, Lost meets Fight Club and a digital Lord of the flies, The Other 99 is a game of mystery, exploration, brutal combat, stealthing mechanics and problem solving. But be careful: permadeath is included.”

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