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Total War: WARHAMMER II Artwork
Total War: WARHAMMER II Artwork

New Total War: WARHAMMER II Campaign Pack Releasing in December

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SEGA has announced new DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER II that will be releasing on December 12, 2019.

The DLC comes in the form of a new campaign pack that will contain new characters, units, magic lore, campaign mechanics, and much more.

SEGA also released a trailer for the new upcoming content titled The Shadow & the Blade.

 The DLC introduces two legendary lords, “both with an insatiable desire to spread destruction across the battlefields of the world. With swarms of sneaky rats, nightmarish Medusa-bound blood shrines, stealth magic lore, and a unique and intertwined campaign, players have an arsenal of new ways to inflict death upon their enemies.”

Content specific to The Shadow and the Blade includes:

  • 2 playable factions – Clan Eshin (Skaven) and Hag Graef (Dark Elves)
  • 2 legendary lords – Deathmaster Snikch, Malus Darkblade
  • 12 units; Highbeast Master, Bloodwrack Medusa, Master Assassins, Eshin Triads and more.
  • Lore of Stealth (Skaven)

In addition, there will also be a free content update, which includes the following:

  • Legendary lord – Repanse de Lyonesse (Bretonnia)
  • Legendary hero – Henri Le Massif (Bretonnia)

In addition to this, some significant quality of life improvements has been made to enemy turn time durations. Players can now expect to see up to a 60% decrease in wait times between turns, however this will be dependent on their current game state and PC specifications.”

Players can learn more about the new expansion by reading the official Total War: WARHAMMER II FAQ blog.

The Shadow and the Blade can be also be pre-ordered on Steam at a 10% discount.

From SEGA: “Tz’arkan, the Drinker of Worlds has escaped from his eternal prison within the Realm of Chaos and latched himself onto the mind of Malus Darkblade, forging a deadly partnership that reverberates throughout the New World. Sensing the potential of this daemonic entity, the Nightlord of Clan Eshin has dispatched his most trusted assassin, Deathmaster Snikch, to track down the daemon and investigate its true power.”

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