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Total War: WARHAMMER II Artwork
Total War: WARHAMMER II Artwork

Creative Assembly Uses Fruit to Scare You in Total War

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Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise is popular among PC strategy gamers, and the Sega-owned developer recently tweeted a video that reveals how the audio team “brought the undead to life in WARHAMMER II and beyond.”

The video shows the audio team “committing terrible acts of serial violence against innocent groceries for the greater good” as they record the sounds emanating from the murdered fruits. Furthermore, the team crunches, stabs, squeezes, and tears various kinds of produce in order to convey the terror that is WARHAMMER II’s walking corpses.

Moreover, the original blog post involves an interview between Creative Assembly and one of Total War’s sound designers, Valentin Goellner, and a senior dialogue engineer, Will Tidman. The interview addresses a typical workday for both developers and provides images of some of the unique activities in which they participate in order to bring Total War’s audio and dialogue to life.

In addition, the interviewees discuss how working on Total War is different from working on other games and what advice each person would give to anyone else looking to break into video game audio design. “To be creative and work on as many different projects as possible,” Goellner states. “Understanding how audio is produced for games as opposed to other media is a good start,” Tidman adds.

From software setup to physical props, Creative Assembly uses a myriad of techniques when designing and recording the sounds heard in the Total War series, particularly when it comes to the various creatures and units implemented in WARHAMMER II. It’s this kind of unique approach that allows Creative Assembly to use fruit to scare fans.

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