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New Tarkov-esque Shooter Marauders Announced featured image
New Tarkov-esque Shooter Marauders Announced featured image

New Tarkov-esque Shooter Marauders Announced

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Small Impact Games and publisher Team 17 have announced Marauders, a new Escape From Tarkov-esque space-pirate looter shooter will be coming to early access on PC later in 2022.

Set in an early 1900s alternate future, Marauders is a highly replayable “dieselpunk” space-pirate FPS that will see players plundering a deep space battleground for loot. You and up to three other players can form raids and then take on enemy teams and AI in the pursuit of loot and experience. Just like Escape From Tarkov, Marauders is based on the “raid, loot, escape” combat loop, with customizable weapons that you can keep between missions. However, in order to keep those weapons and loot, you need to make it out alive. If you do make it out alive, you can sell your new-found loot to turn a hefty profit, or unlock new items using your experience points to increase your chances of survival.

Marauders has one thing that Tarkov doesn’t though, and that is spaceship combat. Players will have their own upgradeable spaceships with which they can take on other players in space dogfights. You can upgrade your own ship with scavenged resources, or if you see an enemy with a really nice ship, you can try to take it by force.

Marauders is developed by Small Impact Games, a small indie studio based in the UK. The game will be first playable at the new W.A.S.D. video game event taking place in London from April 7th – 9th.

Publisher Team 17 is a British game developer and publisher based in Wakefield, England. Team 17 has developed and published games such as Hell Let Loose, Neon Abyss, Worms, My Time at Portia, Moving Out, Golf With Your Friends, Yooka-Laylee, Overcooked and others.

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