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Team17 Bought Out Hell Let Loose Developer for 62$ Million Featured Image
Team17 Bought Out Hell Let Loose Developer for 62$ Million Featured Image

Team17 Bought Rights To Hell Let Loose for 62$ Million

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Team17 announces today that it will be acquiring IP, Hell Let Loose,  from Black Matter, for 31 million pounds. Another offer of 15 million pounds is on the table as well, if performance from the partner remains up to standards. The deal totals 46 million pounds or 62 million in USD. Michael Pattinson, the CEO of Team 17 makes the statement below in a press release today in regards to the recent acquisition.

We are delighted to be announcing the acquisition of the Hell Let Loose IP. Hell Let Loose has quickly become a highly credible and innovative multiplayer tactical first-person shooter supported by a very passionate and highly engaged community with over six million players.

Team17 notes the deal to be their “next step” in expanding its ownership of high-quality IP. The news follows an incredibly successful year for Black Matter, for which the team was able to launch the game for early release on PC and released PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game in the same year. Player numbers have also been soaring at an astonishing rate all thanks to its inclusion on PS Plus in November. What lies ahead for the shooter now that it is under new management is unknown. Though despite the team taking their journey on a different path, the CEO of Black Matter is looking forward to what is in store for their game in the feature. An official statement from Black Matter is below.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our fans and a logical next step-up in the development of Hell Let Loose as a brand, We’ve worked very closely with our good friends at Team17 over the last several years and firmly believe that this acquisition is the next logical step to enable us to further deliver great content to the highly passionate HLL community, as well as find new ways to engage and entertain in the future.

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