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Samurai Shodown Ukyo Techibana Trailer
Samurai Shodown Ukyo Techibana Trailer

New Samurai Shodown Trailer Reveals Ukyo Tachibana

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The reboot of the classic weapons fighter, Samurai Shodown, is nearing its release and SNK keeps on giving players more gameplay teases. We’ve already been graced with two character trailers recently – newcomer Darli Dagger and longtime favorite Nakoruru.

Now, below you can check out the third character trailer showing off the precise samurai fighter, Ukyo Tachibana:

Samurai Shodown is looking like a surprise fighter to take over 2019 as one of the best fighters this year. The flashy reboot looks to instill what fans loved about the series with a fresh new coat of paint.

Samurai Shodown is set to release this June in the west for the Xbox One and PS4 – with PC and Switch coming in Q4 2019. While a SNK NeoGeo Collection is set to release this fall.

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Source: Shoryuken

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