One of the best known characters from the Samurai Shodown series has been revealed with her very own character trailer. Nakoruru showcases her iconic nature styled attacks in the new flare and style that will come packed with the reboot of the legendary fighting series.

Check out the Nakoruru character trailer for Samurai Shodown below:

Per usual, Nakoruru comes fully fleshed out with plenty of exotic attacks which harness the nature-loving aesthetic of her abilities. Also, tagging alongside the deadly fighter is her pet hawk, Mamahaha.

Nakoruru is one of sixteen playable characters to be featured in Samurai Shodown, thirteen of which will be returning favorites. Earlier this month, SNK announced and showcased the three new original characters Darli Dagger, Wu-Ruixiang and Yashamaru Kurama.

Samurai Shodown is set to release on June 27 in Japan, with a western release date simply slated for June, as no specific date has yet been set. The game is scheduled to release on the Xbox One and PS4 first, with the game releasing on the Switch and PC at the tail end of 2019.

Along with announced DLC of four characters for post-launch season pass for the 2019 reboot, there’s also a NeoGeo collection set to release later this year in the fall of 2019.

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