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New Perfect Dark Game
New Perfect Dark Game

New Perfect Dark Game Teased By Ken Lobb

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Ken Lobb, Creative Director at Xbox Game Studios has followed a new Twitter account called @PerfectDarkGame a placeholder account for an upcoming Perfect Dark game.

Since the launch of Perfect Dark Zero, Rare has not produced a new game in the franchise, fans only got a remaster version of the original game in 2010. The beginning of a new decade led fans to hype and speculate the possibility for Rare to make their return to the franchise. The original game is set on 2023, fans are now wondering if Ken Lobb is teasing an announcement in the following weeks.

The original Perfect Dark launched back in 2000 for the Nintendo 64, it was developed by Rare, a studio that worked closely for Nintendo with titles like Goldeneye 64, Donkey Kong 64. Perfect Dark is considered one of the best games of the Nintendo 64, the franchise was followed with some spin-offs on GameBoy Color. Perfect Dark is considered one of the best games of all-time. In 2005, a prequel called  Perfect Dark Zero, was well received, but did couldn’t live up to the hype of the original.

Perfect Dark takes players on the role of Joanna Dark, an agent of the Carrington Institute Research Centre, she is tasked to to stop an extraterrestrial invasion by rival corporation dataDyne. The game follows the same formula as the previous FPS title from Rare, Goldeneye 64.

There are two main modes, Campaign and Multiplayer, in the single campaign, players will have to complete a series of dungeon-crawling-like levels, as the player progress, each level raises the challenge and the conditions that will have to be met in order to unlock the next level. Perhaps, what led Perfect Dark to become such a hit was the perfect for the era, Multiplayer mode, this mode featured co-op mode and traditional deathmatch settings, bots were also a good addition, and something impressive for the Nintendo 64.

Source: Reddit.

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