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Path of Exile artwork
Path of Exile artwork

New Path of Exile DLC Out Now on All Platforms

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The Conquerors of the Atlas DLC for Path of Exile releases today on Xbox One and PS4. This update came out last week for PC players, so people on console should already know what to expect, but here is some info for those who don’t.

The Conquerors of the Atlas update is a continuation of the War for Atlas storyline. The description for the new story is as follows:

“The Elder has been defeated, but the Exiles who conquered him have been driven mad from continuous exposure to the void. These former heroes now pose a new threat to Wraeclast. Zana, the Master Cartographer, has trapped them within the Atlas, but fears that they will soon be too powerful and will find a way out.”

This new story gives Path of Exile a new endgame for players to complete which contains 5 new bosses. The update also features new Atlas mechanics, a new class of support gems, new items, and good upgrade for bow users. Go to Path of Exile’s official page to learn more about these additions.

The Metamorph Challenge League got added in this update as well. This new challenge league will have players building monster bosses out of the pieces of old ones. Each crafted boss will have the abilities of the monsters they’re created from. The harder the boss, the better the challenger’s rewards will be.

The Awakener Kill Event will be tied to this new challenge league. This event contains $30,000 in cash prizes, as well as many more in-game prizes for those who don’t come in the top positions. More info about the event and all the prizes is on the event page of Path of Exile’s site.

The new update also specifies that it’s always free-to-play and never pay-to-win, so if interested, be sure to get on and check it out.

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