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Indivisible Party
Indivisible Party

New Indivisible Trailer Shows off New Characters

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Lab Zero recently revealed a new trailer for their side-scrolling RPG Indivisible, which will launch in a few weeks. Now we get a new trailer that highlights combat and fighting mechanics.

Here’s the description:

“Indivisible launches on Steam, GOG, PS4 and Xbox One on October 8th! Pre-order now at https://indivisiblegame.com and receive in-game exclusives.

Use your abilities to explore the world of Loka and recruit over 20 characters to your team, each with their own unique attacks and abilities! Pre-order now to receive the “Follow me, Roti!” bonus and have Ajna’s lovable pet tapir, Roti, follow along on an adventure to save the world of Loka!

PS4 pre-orders also receive the official soundtrack for the game composed by Hiroki Kikuta. (Secret of Mana, Koudelka)”

We also get to see a bit of the game’s story and animation as it looks absolutely amazing. The game mixes itself with fighting games and turn-based combat. Additionally, you can platform through the dungeons as well since the game acts like a 2D platformer for the most part.

For more coverage on Indivisible, check out here!

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