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God of War
God of War

New God Of War Trailer Released – E3 2017

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New God Of War Trailer Released – E3 2017

Sony confirmed during its E3 2017 conference that the game is launching in early 2018. The new trailer showed Kratos and son getting down and dirty in the north, utilizing the magic axe that’s previously been shown off, as well as a collapsible shield that Kratos can use to bull rush his enemies before beating them down with some two fisted fury. Kratos’s son also helps out during combat with knife and bow attacks as well.

Kratos was seen battling foes both big and small, before viewers were treated to some platforming and story elements. Several moments show Kratos interacting with his son, who can seemingly interpret the language spoken by the World’s Serpent, who allegedly wants to help Kratos.

Check out the Trailer:

We’ve known for a while Kratos’ more fatherly/less murdery reboot will focus a lot more on story than its cyclops-stomping predecessors. Yet God of War on PS4 isn’t undergoing such a radical tonal shift just because the franchise has been creatively stale since GOW: Ascension hit PS3. In an interview with Glixel, Sony’s Jim Ryan admits the change in direction is partly motivated by the desire to address the series’ poor European sales figures.

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