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New Glitch In Metal Gear Solid Has Speedrunners Excited

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Twitch streamer Boba decided to play the original Metal Gear Solid for the first over the weekend for fans. It was a relatively routine experience for a first playthrough of MGS, that is until she broke the game with a glitch that could shave lots of time off of a Speedrun. The best part is, not only was this unintentional but it was also undiscovered.

Boba had come to a portion of the game requiring Snake to run both up and down a series of communication towers. You eventually fight a helicopter, climb an obnoxious amount of stairs, before finally rippling down with a rope. On this particular run, Boba was getting chased by enemies when she came upon a locked door. With the enemies right behind her, she turned to fight, back to the door when suddenly she was shot in a way that Snake’s body clipped the door. His character model then triggered the transition allowing her to enter without opening the door.

Later when interviewed with Youtuber Drakon Ashtron about the event she stated “I thought it was something that probably someone had done before, on accident.” Here however that was not the case, this was a big moment. Soon it was being replicated in multiple locations, with speedrunners referring to it as the “Boba Skip”. Boba herself has instead put forward the name “Kevin” for the glitch which, let’s be fair, does kinda look like a Kevin.

Immediately speedrunners took notice of the glitch, estimating it could shave minutes off of a great speed run. They took to the MGS speedrunning discord to see where it could be used, and how exactly it works. If they do manage to figure it out this might not just amount to a cool trick to shave minutes but indeed a full-blown strategy that could change the landscape of MGS speedrunning. Not bad for a weekend stream session.

The best part of this glitch as one speedrunner stated, is that it was somebody playing the game for the first time and not somebody who has spent years obsessing over every little detail. According to Boba one speedrunner told her “The best part is it’s not some, like, nerd that’s been speedrunning Metal Gear for like a hundred years. It’s just me having fun playing a video game and accidentally discovering this crazy thing.”

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