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Ford’s Metal Gear Solid Advertisements

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Metal Gear Solid Ford

Ford’s Metal Gear Solid Advertisements

Over a month ago, David Hayter, the iconic voice behind Snake in the Metal Gear series, tweeted out an encrypted tweet that had many gamers puzzled, but finally, Hayter came out to explain what it was all about.

It was indeed no new Metal Gear game, as we found out earlier when Hayter tweeted out two brand new commercials for Ford featuring Solid Snake, Colonel Cambell, and Psycho Mantis. The two ads focus on Ford’s two latest cars — the Ford Focus SE and the Ford Fusion Titanium.

This hasn’t been the first time Ford pulled a stunt like this, a couple months back we got a Dragon Ball Z themed commercial that had some of its main characters praise the new Ford Fusion as well.

Check it out:

This might be quite disappointing to fans who were hoping for Hayter’s return to the iconic voice,but I have to say, the two commercials are super funny, especially the Psycho Mantis one.

“Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter may have been replaced by Kiefer Sutherland, but the classic Metal Gear Solid actor is sure getting a lot of mileage out of the role as he just reprised his most well known character in a Ford commercial.”

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