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Fire Emblem Three Houses Doudo Introduced
Fire Emblem Three Houses Doudo Introduced

New Fire Emblem: Three Houses Character, Doudo, Introduced

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A new character has been revealed for Intelligent Systems upcoming Switch title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. We’ve seen plenty of character reveals over the course of the last month, this time introducing fans to Doudo – servant of Dimitri and commoner from the House of the Blue Lions.

Check out the video introducing Doudo in the tweet below:

Doudo is a steady and polite protector of Dimitri hailing from the northwestern region of Daskar in the Kingdom of Faerghus. There has been tons of other characters from the robust cast featured in the next Fire Emblem title, including Sothis, Rea, Hubert, Felix, Hanneman, Dorothea, Jeralt, Claude, Dimitri, Manuela, Ferdinand, Hilda, Edelgard and Mercedes.

We’ve also been given two extensive previews of the game and its many features, including the first preview revealed last month and the second preview which arrived earlier this month.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set to release on July 26, 2019 exclusively for the Switch.

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