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Fire Emblem Three Houses New Mechanics Detailed
Fire Emblem Three Houses New Mechanics Detailed

Loads More Details Revealed For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Between a massive preview article posted last month and a flurry of character introductions over the course of the last few weeks, Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems have been effortlessly pulling back the curtains on the next mainline Fire Emblem title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Fans awaiting the upcoming series have even more to be excited about as Famitsu recently published another extensive preview of the new game with tons of new details about different features and mechanics found in Three Houses.

Below are some of the major highlight for the recently released details regarding the upcoming Switch release:

  • Skills and Crests are present in Three Houses acting as unique abilities based on the character and class status. Crests are handed down through the generations and are specific to certain characters in the game. The game’s protagonist wield their own Crest, but its identity is a mystery.
  • There are three different skill types which can be inherited by the character and each skill type different effects used during battle. Personal, Class and Professor skills break up the different skill types and all have unique methods of obtaining each one.
  • Players may also customize their own abilities at will. You’ll have the option of equipping up to five Proficiency Skills at once, each with their own unique traits based on your class and role within the game.
  • After choosing one of the three classes to join at the beginning of the game, players will then teach the art of war to the corresponding student of that class. Each class has unique traits and a wide-range of abilities to utilize in battle.
  • The battles that take place within Three Houses will be vastly different from previous entries. Entertaining the idea of “many-versus-many” players will take on large scale battles by deploying a battalion to fight alongside them.
  • The new “Gauntlet” weapon will have unmounted players deal significantly more attacks in a single turn. From two to four attacks per turn, the gauntlet weapon looks to be a game changer within the massive battles.
  • Players may also deepen their bonds and friendships with the new “Group Tasks” mechanic which allows players to send off two students on weekly tasks. Each successful group task will raise their Professor Levels and earn other rewards in the process.
  • Players may also Tutor single students to help raise Professor Levels which will allow players to learn new Professor Skills and earn new weapons.

There tons of information regarding all of the intricacies of the new game. You can read tons more on Fire Emblem: Three Houses over at Gematsu. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Switch title.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set to release on July 26, 2019 exclusively for the Switch.

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Source: Gematsu via Famitsu

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