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cyberpunk 2077 night city motel
cyberpunk 2077 night city motel

New Details On Cyberpunk 2077 From Night City Wire

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Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red revealed new details about the title today during their livestream Night City Wire. The broadcast lasted 25 minutes and featured never before seen gameplay and commentary from developers. Here are the details the broadcast released.

Cyberpunk 2077 will have 7 explorable districts, six of the districts will be part of Night City while one district surrounds the city and is known as the “Badlands”. The outskirts of the city will lack the same neon glow of the city and will instead be much more desolate in comparison. The “Badlands” will also feature a group of dangerous enemies called Nomads, who are dangerous bandit/cowboy like enemies.

The gameplay reel also showcased a mechanic called “Braindance” which will allow you to look inside somebody else’s head through a device. This mechanic allows players to investigate events at different angles, much like the memory mechanic in Remember Me and the detective gameplay in Batman. The player will be able to move, pause, rewind, and change the camera angles of the memories. This is also an excellent way of informing the player about what life is like in Night City.

The developers also announced that there will be a Cyberpunk anime coming to Netflix called Cyberpunk 2077 : Edgerunners.

CD Projekt Red recently announced that they will be pushing back the release date of Cyberpunk from September to November, along with a letter of apology. However, the game will be released along with a tie-in comic book that will give more insight into the universe of Cyberpunk.

Moreover, the developers has also confirmed that an expansion is in the works for the game, and those who purchase the special edition of Cyberpunk will be given the expansion for free at release. These expansions are said to be as large as Witcher 3 expansions.

Source: Night City Wire Live

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