Dead by Daylight

New Dead by Daylight Killer is a K-Pop Star

Behavior Interactive announced recently that Dead by Daylight Chapter XIX, ‘All-Kill’ is being rolled out on PC servers. The new update adds The Tricksters, a K-Pop star who became a sadistic murderer after his career ended.

Joining The Trickster, Un-Jin is a music producer at the fictional Mightee One record label, he will try to survive The Trickster’s thirst for blood.

The whole theme for the next chapter of Dead By Daylight is K-Pop, the development team had a collaboration with Kevin Woo, from the K-Pop band U-KISS, and DJ Swive. The Grammy-winning music producer has worked with groups like BTS, and his intention is to accurately portrait the music industry and community.

Check the teaser trailer down below and see if you can catch some clues about the upcoming content:

Dead by Daylight PTB 4.6.0 Patch Notes:


  • Added a new Killer – The Trickster
  • Added a new Survivor – Yun-Jin Lee
  • Added a setting to change the privacy of the party
  • Added the Chat Filter feature
  • Added an error message when a user fails to add a friend because he has too many friends


The Blight

  • Adjusted his first-person animations and camera position to be higher up
  • Reworked the collision detection for his power. It should now be consistent with basic attack obstruction and no longer result in sliding off various surfaces.

The Wraith

  • Increased his cloaked move speed
  • Decreased his move speed while uncloaking
  • Reduced the Windstorm addon move speed bonuses to compensate for the above speed changes
  • Removed the uncloaking move speed penalties from the Windstorm add-ons


  • Colorblind modes have been added and can be accessed VIA the Options menu.


  • Decisive Strike – Now deactivates when performing certain actions that are not part of evading the Killer


  • Increased the visibility and size of the negative status effect timer fill.
  • Made adjustments to the player status timer bar to be more accurate and added back the glows to indicate when the timer bar is paused or requires attention.
  • Improved performance.


  • Updated the accept and cancel buttons on Friend and Group requests to have a greater visual difference.

Visual Update

  • Visual Update for the Main Lobby, Store and Tally

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