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Last of Us
Last of Us

New Content For Last of Us Part II To Be Revealed For Outbreak Day

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September 26 is known by fans of The Last of Us as Outbreak day due in part to that being the day specified in the first game as to when the world went to hell. Since then, this day has gone on to hold a similar significance to other dates like November 7 (or N7) for Mass Effect Fans or May 4 to Star Wars Fans.

Every year you can expect Naughty Dog to make some statement in celebration of the day, but this year you can add “all new content” to the list of things fans are getting. While Naughty Dog has yet to give us a hint as to what this content is, we know that it will be announced on September 26, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 6 PM CET through The Last of Us website.

In the meantime, besides more content for The Last of Us the company has also announced new merch to celebrate both the game and the occasion. These were announced via PlayStation Blog and include a tee shirt featuring Abby, flannel long sleeve shirts similar to what Joel sported, and a Washington Liberation bomber jacket. There will also be The Last of Us Themed housewares and guitar accessories as well..

As for what this new content might be, there is the possibility that we will finally get to see the long-awaited multiplayer mode that has been in development for the game. Rumors state that it might be a stand-alone experience and expand upon the Factions mode from the original.

Earlier this year a data miner uncovered assets that might have factored into some form of Battle Royale mode that was planned as part of the multiplayer. At the time it was unknown if these assets were discarded due to the mode being scrapped or simply because they did not fit into the model.

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25 days ago

great game, i really like it.