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Last of us
Last of us

Last of Us II Multiplayer To Include Battle Royale – Rumor

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Chances are if you have made a game between 2016 and 2020 you have toyed around with the idea of adding the ever-popular Battle Royale to it in some way. According to some new data mining done on The Last of Us Part II, it seems that even the biggest name games have toyed around with the idea.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Youtuber Speclizer, who has released multiple videos on the game in the past, has released a new video discussing assets found in the game, including discarded assets that point to a large map being used in multiplayer. While not a 100 percent guarantee, he points that the size of the map would make sense for a Battle Royale mode.

He also points to the locations present on the map, including a place called Motel and another called Gas Station as indicating that this possible Battle Royale will merge the single-player maps together. In fairness, this would work pretty well as this new entry toyed around with far more open areas than its predecessor.

Other things that were found included a large red helmet he states was referred to in code as the “Listen Mode Device” which might mean that single-player abilities must be found or equipped as part of a loadout to use them. Another item found was a dog collar, implying the dogs will be crossing over to multiplayer as well.

While I loved The Last of Us I always felt the multiplayer was lacking, mainly clickers. Though I am sure it was due to limitations imagine a big map with clickers hiding, runners chasing you, and players sneaking around every corner. Am I crazy or does that actually sound really fun?

Source- Reddit

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