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Batman Game Rumor
Batman Game Rumor

New Batman Game To Boast a Massive World – Rumor

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According to ComicBook, a new rumor surrounding the next Batman game suggest that the world would be “Massive”. Warner Bros. Montreal the studio tasked with the production of the game has not revealed any information of the game since last month, when the   court of owls’ crest was teased.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

The information comes from James Sigfield who is recognized for leaking and reporting information of the new Batman Game – Gotham City.

“Gotham City was supposed to be MASSIVE in the Damian game, so it’s a safe assumption this one will at least be a little bigger,” said Sigfield while responding to a question from a fellow Twitter user.

Back in September 2019 both WB Games Montreal and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment teased the game on their official Twitter accounts, the developer unveiled a short video appearing, the Crest of Court of Owls and the League of Assassins. The secret society first appear on DC’s Batman Vol. 2 #3, from 2011.
The Court of Owls has existed in Gotham City since colonial times, they kidnaps child performers from the circus, they turn the kids into assassins, those assassins are later known as Talons.
While there is no announcement or major details on the game, reports suggest that Batman: Court of Owls might release for next-gen systems and its announcement could take place at the Game Developers Conference in March, or at E3.

During an interview on the Humans of Gaming Podcast on October 2018, WB Games Montréal Senior Game Designer Osama Dorias confirmed that two DC Comics-based video games are currently in development at the studio.

On September 23, 2019, both WB Games Montréal and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment official Twitter accounts released a short teaser showing four mysterious symbols apparently related to the League of Assassins with the tagline “Capture the Knight”, thus confirming that the first of the two new videogames will be based on Batman.

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