Fortnite Endgame Mode Added
Fortnite Endgame Mode Added

New Avengers: Endgame Mode Added To Fortnite In Latest Update

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Fortnite has received its latest update and with it comes a brand-new mode inviting Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame content into the fray. The new mode allows two teams to battle each other in an appropriately themed Avengers challenge between Team Thanos and an opposing team of heroes.

Check out the Endgame mode reveal trailer below:

Titled Endgame, Team Thanos will be tasked with finding all six Infinity Stones while the opposing team of heroes will attempt to bring all enemy players down. The Hero Team must destroy Thanos and his Chitauri allies, while Team Thanos is set to find and collect all six Infinity Stones followed by eliminating all opposing team members.

All players will be re-spawned upon elimination until the either side has completed their objective. The first player to find the first Infinity Stone will be automatically transformed into Thanos, and additional power buffs will be granted to players on Team Thanos with every additional Infinity Stone collected.

Once all six stones have been collected, then it’s up to Team Thanos to eliminate all remaining opposing team members in order to claim victory. Once Thanos has been eliminated, then a random Chitauri invader will become him after a short wait.

And if you’re on the Heroes Team, players will start off the match with a map leading to Mythic Avengers items to help out in battle.

Along with the new Endgame mode, the new update V8.50 has plenty of other bug fixes and patches which may be viewed in the official Epic Games patch notes.

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