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Forever Skies
Forever Skies

New Action Survival Game Forever Skies Announced

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A new survival first-person game, Forever Skies, is being developed by Far From Home and will be released in early access sometime in 2022. The game will launch single-player only, but the developers are planning to add cooperative play at a later date. In Forever Skies, the earth has suffered from an ecological disaster that brought a permanent thick layer of dust to the skies. An airship hovers above the toxic clouds, where humanity is holding onto their last glimpse of survival. The player must build and expand this airship since it serves as both a laboratory and shelter. To do that, players must travel to the treacherous surface of the earth and scrounge for crafting components and resources. Along with survival, it seems the player will be uncovering the source and meaning of the dust, according to a YouTube description.

Scavenge, find ways of obtaining food and resources, and explore the ruins above and below the dust layer which now shrouds the Earth’s surface. Why is the dust there? What is it exactly? And perhaps more importantly, what lies beneath it?


A minute-long trailer shows some of the gameplay, in which the player navigates decrypted skyscrapers. Here we see the character crossing a precarious crane to reach a neighbored rooftop and uncovering clues through the rubble. They see a note spray-painted on the wall that says “Do you remember the forests?” and eventually come across a broken laptop to scan. In addition, we see them using a gun that can seamlessly dematerialize and rematerialize matter. For instance, the character points the gun below an opening in the ceiling to create a ladder. Lastly, the trailer, which is below, shows a glimpse at the airship mentioned above and the scientific equipment it holds.

The developer, Far From Home, is a new independent studio based in Poland. It is composed of individuals who have worked on games like Dying Light 1, Dying Light 2, Dead Island, The Medium, Chernobylite, and Divinity Original Sin. Forever Skies is scheduled to release for PC in 2022 and current generation consoles at a later date.

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