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NetEase Steals Exclusive Developer From Sony

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NetEase Steals Exclusive Developer From Sony

Quantic Dream executives Guillaume de Fondaumiere and David Cage has just announced a partnership with Chinese publisher NetEase to develop future projects, Quantic Dream are known for very successful titles like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. The developer had a deal with Sony to bring their games exclusively for the PlayStation. In a recent interview Foundaumiere said:

“Our objective is to be present on all platforms where there is an audience that can enjoy our experiences, …”We will, of course, continue developing on PlayStation, a platform that we know very well after having worked with Sony for 12 years, but we will also be present on all other relevant platforms.”

NetEase executive Simon Zhu also shared some words about the deal and recent allegations that harmed Quantic Dream:

“A company of our size and stature doesn’t make investments lightly, and we have of course taken great care in analysing all aspects of Quantic Dream, in particular, the studio culture,” … “This is very important for us, as we take great care of these matters in our own company. We have been able to spend time with the Quantic Dream team, to get to know the studio culture, and we have seen nothing that points to any of the allegations published by certain press.”

While the news that Quantic Dream will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive developer is significant enough, there’s actually quite a bit more to this story. For those who don’t remember, Quantic Dream was the subject of a fairly extensive investigation involving complaints of harassment and an inhospitable workplace. The extent of these allegations was significant even if the investigation itself was ongoing. However, NetEase says they considered the allegations when making this decision and decided to move ahead with the funding anyway.

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