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Neon-Infused 2.5D Platformer Mekazoo Launches November 15th

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Neon-Infused 2.5D Platformer Mekazoo Launches November 15th

Good Mood Creators today revealed that Mekazoo, the neon-infused, free-flowing co-op platformer, will be launching on November 15, 2016, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in global markets, with the exception of PlayStation 4 in Europe coming soon. A brand new co-op trailer also accompanies the launch date announcement, showing off a glimpse of its “hive mind” multiplayer mode where two players must work together by strategically switching control between Mekanimals in order to advance through the game.

Taking inspiration from nostalgic platformers, Mekazoo gives players five unique Mekanimals to control, juggling the strengths and weaknesses of a mechanized Frog, Armadillo, Wallaby, Panda and Pelican to swing, boost, bounce, climb and fly. By swapping between each Mekanimal, players will face off against an insectoid army and environmental hazards attempting to restrict their progress through the land of Mekazoo.

Check out the Co-op mode Trailer:

“Mekazoo is a side-scrolling platformer (with optional local co-op) built within a vibrant, neon, 3D world. You’ll unlock five playable animals, all with their own unique abilities: Armadillo, Frog, Wallaby, Panda, and Pelican. In order to overcome the daunting and — at times — perilous worlds you’ll encounter, you can switch between pairs of these Mekanimals on the fly.

The story of Mekazoo starts when you wake up as the Armadillo and notice all your friends are missing and have been turned into enormous evil bosses. Set out on a mission to save them and turn them back to their nice, cute, mechanical selves (i.e. unlocking new playable characters)!

With the Armadillo, you can curl up in a ball and boost around the terrain, the Frog can use its tongue as a grappling hook to swing on interactables and enemies, the Wallaby perpetually bounces and can super jump through breakables, the Panda is a very strong, slow, tank-like character and can climb, swipe and butt-smash through walls, and the Pelican gracefully glides through the skies. Together, these Mekanimals form a powerful team and, when used as pairs, can be used to achieve their full potential.”

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