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NEO Impossible Bosses
NEO Impossible Bosses

NEO Impossible Bosses launches on Steam 14th February

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NEO Impossible Bosses launches on Steam 14th February

The company x0to1 announce that NEO Impossible Bosses launch on Steam on the 14th of February 2018!

NEO Impossible Bosses is an RTS-MOBA game that lets players take on intimidating Raid Bosses without going through the MMO grind! Players (and optionally, their friends) take control of a party of heroes to face off against the Impossible Bosses!


  • A True RTS-MOBA experience – Face off against bosses in a single battle arena, either single player or optionally with friends controlling multiple heroes.
  • Unique and challenging boss encounters – 10 epic bosses await your challenge, taken on at Normal, Hard, and Impossible difficulties. Each difficulty comes with major gameplay differences in boss abilities, not just simply a hitpoint/damage increase.
  • Multiple unit control – Indulge in the idea of literally micro-managing your raiders. Pick from any of the 6 hero classes available and control a team of up to 6 heroes at a time. If things get tough, do a Tactical Pause and issue new orders, or play online with your friends to share the burden.
  • Interesting Abilities and Items – Unlock new and interesting abilities and earn items to improve your chances of taking down the next boss.
  • Competition – Race up the leaderboards. Be the World First guild to take down bosses, or be the most efficient in score.
  • Replays – Review how others on the leaderboard take down bosses, and incorporate their strategies into your own.
  • Ironman mode – For those who want to play the original game mode, a single defeat in any boss encounter means game loss.

Check out the Trailer:

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