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Cars racing in Need for Speed Heat
Cars racing in Need for Speed Heat

Need For Speed Heat Initial Details Leaked; A New Basis for the Future of the Series

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We are just 6 hours away from the announcement trailer for the new Need For Speed which is now more than likely confirmed to be Need For Speed Heat. However, you don’t have to wait until the official reveal of the game, as its new screenshots and initial info have been leaked by a Reddit user earlier today.

Thanks to Frocharocha on Reddit, now we know that the next game in NFS series is labeled Heat. According to the information provided by the user, Heat will be an open-world game focusing on illegal street races. The story will be more serious than ever and Ghost Games attempts to use Heat as a basis for the all future Need For Speed games. It’s being said that the game is rated for +18 people.

Gameplay wise, Need For Speed Heat doesn’t require you to be online always, though it has some online features. Police chases will be available again like most of the titles in the series. Gameplay will be arcade but there are some improvements in controlling cars and their handling. Off-road races is no longer available in Heat but it will feature cool races around the city. Speed lists and gas stations to repair your car will be back again to the series. Tuning is still available like Need For Speed 2015 and damage bars will also be added to show when your car goes wrecked if you hit it so many times badly. Good news is Speed Cards have been removed, which mostly used to make you spend real-world money on the game. Graphics will be similar to Need For Speed 2015 since rainy weather has been confirmed.

Furthermore, Heat will be set always at night in 1980s at Miami. To be honest, the font used for Heat in the logo somehow confirms the Miami rumor. You will be playing as a female protagonist who was originally a runner and now a police fugitive.

At the end, three images have been leaked from Need For Speed Heat through YouTube. First one is the one you saw at the top of article and here are the others, with one of the being an in-game screenshot, which might showcase the female protagonist of the game:

Need For Speed Heat


Need For Speed Heat will be revealed officially at 9 AM EST today.

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