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Need For Speed
Need For Speed

Need For Speed 2019 Won’t Be at This Year’s E3

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I don’t know what’s the rank for Need For Speed series amongst the long-running racing franchises in the whole history of video games, but the I do remember it being alive since I started playing games 17 years ago. It sounds funny but Need For Speed is older than me right now while it’s going to turn into 25 this year and most importantly, it will get a new entry till the end of this year, confirmed by Ghost Games and EA a few hours ago.

According to a new post on Need For Speed Payback thread at EA’s official webpage, the new installment in Need For Speed series will be launching in 2019, though we won’t get the announcement at the upcoming EA Play event.

This year, Need For Speed celebrates its 25th birthday and the team behind the franchise since the start of current generation are doing their best to deliver a spectacular game for the players, after to consecutive missed opportunities with Need For Speed 2015 and Need For Speed Payback.

Ghost Games attempts to develop a game with considering the series main vision through all these 25 years. The development team intends to show what NFS means to fans. While cars and customizations, as always, will be the main part of the upcoming title, Ghost Games will inject the true DNA of NFS franchise to next title in the series in order to bring what fans have been waiting for from the first days of 8th generation but they haven’t got it so far.

Although the new Need For Speed won’t be revealed at E3 2019, the announcement isn’t far from us and it’s expected to see the first teaser of the game, later in Summer or maybe at Gamescom 2019.

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