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Naruto Online Events For Valentine’s Day

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Naruto Online Events For Valentine’s Day

It was revealed today a slate of new player events celebrating Valentine Week in Naruto Online, the turn-based MMORPG for Windows PC. From February 9 to February 15, players can participate in the special “Fateful Encounters” event to unleash romance, collect treasure keys, throw shurikens to get bonus points and much more. This week is full of incredible updates and events for both Jounins and Senins.

Check this cinematic trailer here:

“The Fateful Encounters event encourages players to join forces with other ninjas to combine fate symbols and earn Fate Points. FA, TE, LO, VE and many numbers are available—put together the right words and earn a prize or perhaps even true love! If treasure lights up your eyes, complete Daily Missions and Plot/Elite Instances to earn Treasure Keys that can be redeemed for special rewards.

Every ninja loves to throw shurikens, and the Colorful Balloons event awards points for popping balloons with shurikens earned through Daily Missions. The Total Recharge event gives players extra value with valuable rebates for every ingot recharged. Want more? You got it! Starting on February 12, two additional events will offer players additional Valentine presents: Recruitment Feedback, which offers rewards for Tendo Treasure or Seal Treasure draws, and Limited Refinement, which provides free time-limited Wish Credits very time players level up equipment to a new Refine level.”

For a detailed list of the events on top for Valentine Week, visit the NARUTO ONLINE Event Page.

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