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My Friend Pedro to Release June 20th

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My Friend Pedro to Release June 20th

Last year, a game about one of the most acrobatic psychopaths who follows the rule of his imaginary Banana friend, Pedro was announced. Well today Devolver Digital released a trailer for the side-scrolling shoot ‘em up and it shows off the gameplay in all of its former glory as our protagonist shoots through a train full of baddies.

It would seem that the game is based around our hero going through different levels and shooting up baddies with possibly some of the most brutal and beautiful display of shooting possible. Our hero will be able to flip, kick, dance, and slow down time in order to appease his favorite little banana.

If that doesn’t sound fun, you can also dual wield certain weapons in order to shoot them in two different directions. This can lead to many strategic situations where enemies coming from both sides will die as you spin around and shoot a hurricane of bullets. You can also spin in mid air to become a true angel of death.

Of course the game will mix things up after a while with an occasional motorcycle fight and some physics-based puzzle-solving, but in the end the game looks to be one of the more stylish shooters around as they can richochet bullets off of a frying pan you can kick around. As the game moves closer to its release date, we can expect tons of information regarding My Friend Pedro and even more expect some more news of Devolver Digital’s other projects.

Devolver Digital’s E3 2019 press conference will begin on Sunday at 10 p.m. EST and we can expect to see some wild-looking titles while probably getting a surprise curveball in general from the conference itself.

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