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Monster Hunter XX ‘Renkin Style’ and ‘Special Hunting Techniques’ Trailers

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Monster Hunter XX ‘Renkin Style’ and ‘Special Hunting Techniques’ Trailers

Capcom released two new trailers of the upcoming hunting action game Monster Hunter XX, that will be an expanded re-release of Monster Hunter Generations (which was titled Monster Hunter X in Japan).

Brave Style is more for veteran players, but its other new style, Renkin Style, was made for players to have fun with friends. Its latest trailer gives us another look at the Style in action.

“Renkin Style” is a Hunting Style that is all about supporting allies by creating items through alchemy in a barrel. These items range anywhere from food that helps max out stamina to useful items such as Renkin Earplug and Renkin Healing Barrel.

Monster Hunter XX is scheduled to release in Japan on March 18th, while there has been no mention, at least for now, of a western launch.

Check out the Trailers:

“Hardcore players of “Monster Hunter” series know about special monsters that will give special loot that will be used to craft stronger weapons and armor. In “Monster Hunter Double Cross,” there are special monsters that have additional moves compared to their lower level species. This will surely be a challenging quest when players will take this and hunt these types of monsters.

 These special monsters are Scorch blade Glavenus, Ouma Diablos, Silver-tipped Gammoth, Clairvoyant Mizutsune, and Azure electric Master Astalos. With regards to the Renkin style, foods and items made with it will be consumed faster compared from average ones, for flexibility and gain the upper hand in battle.”

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