Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Paolumu – Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World: How to Slay Paolumu – Tips and Tricks

In the Coral Highlands, hunters will find one of the more odd monsters in Monster Hunter World Paolumu. This fluffy flying wyvern has the ability to control the winds around it and easily stagger hunters before dealing out quick attacks. This monster’s attacks vary from ground to air and can be difficult to read between its different stages at first, so here are some tips and tricks on what to watch out for while fighting Paolumu.

1 – Beware Inflation

Paolumu has a unique mechanic by which it can suck in air and inflate its body around its shoulders and neck, increasing its size and allowing the monster to fly around with more speed. Once inflated, the monster begins to attack more with wind pressure. Paolumu will suck in air from the direction of its target, which will pull the hunter closer to the monster and cause the hunter to stagger, opening a momentary opportunity for it to attack. Paolumu will also throw what looks like a small ball of wind while in the air. When it lands it creates a small tornado that, if caught in, will stun the hunter for an even longer duration. Going into battle with the Windproof skill, such as the Ingot Armor and Windproof Charm, will nullify wind pressure and give the hunter a big advantage during the hunt.

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2 – Basic Attacks

While on the ground, Paolumu does not have much of an arsenal to deal out damage. Its two main attacks, hunters will notice, are rather basic. The first is a charge attack in which Paolumu will run at its target and tackle the ground. The second is a tail whip; Paolumu will swing around in a circle with the large flat end of its tail. These two attacks are easily dodged by moving to the left or right of the charge and dodging backward, out of the range of the tail, during the swipe.

The real fight begins once Paolumu inflates and takes to the skies. As mentioned above, Paolumu’s use of wind pressure easily staggers the hunter, opening them up to attack. Paolumu has two big attacks from the air to watch for. First, watch for the monster to fly forward and spin around in the air, whipping its tail around. This attack will cause knockback if hit by its tail. Furthermore, due to the wind pressure this attack produces, it can cause the hunter to stagger if they are too close to the tail. The best way to deal with this is to run away from the monster, to the left or right, clearing enough distance from both the tail swipe and the wind pressure.

Second, Paolumu will fly at an upward angle toward its target, then do a somersault in the air and slam its tail down into the ground. This attack is probably the monster’s hardest hitting, so avoid it by dodging out of the way to the left, right, or behind Paolumu. Be sure to clear some distance from the monster to avoid the aftershock of it hitting the ground. Once it does hit the ground, the monster will take a few moments to recover and remain there for a few seconds, giving the hunter a good opening to get in some free damage before the monster takes flight again.

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3 – Weaknesses

Paolumu’s main weak points are its head and neck area. Almost every point on its body is breakable if enough damage has been done. However, breaking the inflatable area around the monsters neck will prevent the monster from being able to inflate as easily, reducing the frequency with which it uses wind pressure attacks. The monster is very weak to the fire element, and takes damage from thunder as well. The ice and dragon elements do not do much to the monster, and it is completely resistant to water elemental attacks. Paolumu is very vulnerable to both the blast and stun ailments, so bringing in a blunt weapon (such as the hammer or hunting horn) and attacking its head often will stun the monster frequently and give the hunter a leg up during the fight.

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Paolumu is a fun foe to tackle in Monster Hunter World. Its design is both threatening and adorable, and the variations of attacks this monster has in its arsenal make the fight fun from beginning to end. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you make quick work of this flying wyvern.

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