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Monster Hunter Stories – Three New amiibos Announced & New Images

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Monster Hunter Stories – Three New amiibos Announced & New Images

For all the amiibo addicts out there, three new amiibo have been announced for Monster Hunter Stories, and they will be released this December (In Japan for now). Capcom had previously announced the first wave of amiibo for the game, featuring the game’s male and female protagonists, as well as a couple of monsters. The second wave of amiibo will feature Cheval riding a Rathian, Ayuria riding a Barioth, and Dan riding a Qurupeco.

Along with that, Capcom has also released a whole slew of new screenshots for the game, and it still looks cute as hell. You can check out the new amiibo shots, along with the new screenshots, in the gallery. You can also check out some gorgeous concept art released for the game.

Check out the Gallery:

“Capcom has just announced that in October they will be releasing three Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo in Japan!  Monster Hunter Stories seems to be a mix of regular Monster Hunter and the super popular Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch style games.  You can see this in the cuteness of the art style as well.  There is no word on what the Amiibo do in game though that information usually comes out as we get close to the game’s release.”

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