Monster Hunter Generations ‘Styles’ Trailer


Monster Hunter Generations ‘Styles’ Trailer

Monster Hunter Generations is set to release in the West this summer, and Capcom wants players new and old to the Monster Hunter series to understand the new mechanics coming to the popular RPG.

In this new game, there will be new threats and with them come new skills for your character to learn and master. Styles and Hunter Arts allow for more visually striking and personalized playstyles.

Each hunting Style opens up different ways to strategically take on foes. Styles also allow access to different Hunter Arts, indispensable combat skills and power-ups that can be unleashed with the tap of a button when charged, making it easy to execute these special moves.

While the new Monster Hunter Generations trailer shows and explains the new Styles in simple terms, here’s the official description of what each Style can do in-game.

  • Aerial Style – Adds a new jumping ability which allows players to attack from above, opening up more opportunities to mount a monster and potentially knock it down.
  • Guild Style – Classic gameplay for all 14 weapons and will feel familiar to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players.
  • Adept Style – Rewards players for learning enemy behaviors and performing a counterattack, giving players more tactical dodging and blocking options based on the current weapon type in use.
  • Striker Style – A versatile powerhouse that revolves around building up and unleashing incredibly advantageous Hunter Arts.

Check out the Trailer:

“It’s not a game that’s all about nostalgia, however, and is actually one of the most bold and creative entries in some time. A key change is to combat, through multiple Hunter Styles, which add new moves and attack options that generally ramp up the action.”

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