Monster Hunter Generations ‘Strider’ Trailer

Monster Hunter Generations ‘Strider’ Trailer

Monster Hunter Generations comes out in less than a month in Europe and North America, but Capcom isn’t quite done revealing new nostalgia-filled collaborations for the game. Today, a new one was revealed, and it’s for the Strider series (which debuted in 1989 on Arcade and the Nintendo Entertainment System).

Strider Hiryu was first the star of a manga by his own name in Japan, and then was introduced into the video game realm in 1989 by starring in his own arcade game, Strider. Since then he has appeared in various Capcom titles, most notably as a reoccurring fighter in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. His equipment’s DLC crossover into Monster Hunter Generation will be free to download.

As usual, this collaboration will allow you to take on a special Event Quest. Completing it will give you the necessary materials to craft:

  • Pieces of armor for the Strider Hiryu’s outfit
  • The Cypher Sword

Check out the Trailer:

“It looks like Strider himself appears playable, but it is most likely costumes and equips making other characters the spitting image of the powerful ninja. The difference between the male and female versions of this costume are miniscule. This is surely another incentive for those already planning to pick this up.”

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