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Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Dev Says Overhaul Fake, and He’s Gotten Death Threats

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Co-Design Director Joe Cecot came out on Twitter the other day to state that rumors of an overhaul to Modern Warfare that included changes to the mini-map were, indeed, fabricated and an outright lie.

The false information about a rumored overhaul was first posted by what MP1ST called a “reliable Call of Duty leaker,” though such a title seems questionable at best considering this was, apparently, an outright lie. The tweets from user @TheGamingRevoYT have since been removed, as is only appropriate with bald-faced falsehoods. However, they alleged that the Moden Warfare mini-map would “return to normal” by the end of November, and that “there’s a big overhaul coming.” The mini-map change suggested that non-suppressed weapons would once again show up on the map as red dots.

While this ‘leak’ was false, Infinity Ward Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams stirred the proverbial pot on November 20, when she tweeted that the team was “finalizing notes for ‘the big update'” players “keep asking for.” As we know now, she wasn’t referring to the rumored overhaul, but rather to update 1.09, which included weapon balance changes, bug fixes, and special operations.

As readers can tell from the tweet directed at Joe Cecot above, some Modern Warfare players weren’t happy at all about a leak from an unofficial source turning out to be false; and they have thus determined that the best targets for their anger are the developers who didn’t implement an overhaul they were never planning on implementing. A reddit thread intended to be humorous took a dark turn as Cecot divulged that not only is he getting abuse on Twitter, but he has also received PMs containing death threats and wishes for his children to die “horrible deaths.” In the same post, he says he will be spending less time on the Modern Warfare subreddit, something hard to fault the man for.

Gamers are, of course, passionate people—but death threats are never okay.

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