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Mochi Monsters Creator Announces World of Warriors for PS4

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Mochi Monsters Creator Announces World of Warriors for PS4

Virtual Toys announced today that during the year will come on PS4 World of Warriors , an adventure focused on combat, in which the greatest warriors of history were evoked in a distant land, a mysterious realm known as the land of fury.

Your adventure will take place in all arenas of the vast Lands of fury. Each arena is a live setting, with game mechanics that if properly used can turn the tide of battle in your favor (or against). But you don’t have to fight alone: bring a friend, and fight together for up to four players on your sofa, or go online and take part in the Championships, trying to rise in the rankings and become the champion of the lands of fury.

To help you in your task, you can evoke new warriors from the Temple of the epic by strengthening your team continues to grow.

Check out the Trailer:

“World of Warriors is a combat focused adventure, where the greatest warriors in history have been summoned to a land beyond our own, a mysterious kingdom known as the Wildlands. Here the only way to survive is to FIGHT!”

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