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Mixer Subscription Might Be Added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass method has been successful enough since its launch that now the company thinks on various ways to make the service’s audience bigger and bigger. After E3 2019, the service officially was made available for PC players and there some rumors in the past on bringing it to Nintendo Switch, but recently, Phil Spencer has pointed out to addition of a new possibility to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Currently, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Game Pass subscription for both console and PC along with an Xbox Live Gold subscription on Xbox One. Recently on Twitter, Phil Spencer asked about whether Microsoft is planning to bring something like Twitch Prime on Mixer or not, to which Spencer answered:

We are always listening and learning. Lot’s of people have suggested we find some connection between XGPU and Mixer subs which makes a ton of sense, good ideas.

The answer obviously confirms Spencer’s positive vision on adding more options to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Mixer subscription could be a wise one.

Mixer is currently hosting Ninja’s streams on Fortnite. The deal has brought so many new users on Mixer and this somehow confirms Microsoft’s next big plans on expanding Mixer and making it a tough competitor for Amazon’s Twitch.

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