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Mirage Brings Magic Carpets And Castle Magic To Wizard101

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Mirage Brings Magic Carpets And Castle Magic To Wizard101

KingsIsle Entertainment released a new expansion to Wizard101 today where players can quest through a vast desert expanse known as Mirage, increase their levels to 120 and explore creativity with Castle Magic.

Mirage invites players into an Arabian Nights-themed adventure, where they’ll explore vast dune deserts and treacherous jungle rifts ruled by petty Noble House Cats. They’ll delve into Istanboa, the secret underground lair of the Vipers and Boas, and they’ll walk the mean streets of Aggrobah, the City of Thieves, where the crime lord Ali Baboon holds sway. Finally, they’ll face the nefarious Grandfather Spider and try to prevent his dark plans from reaching a catastrophic conclusion.

All players will find a new quest in the lower-level world of Marleybone, where they will learn more about Castle Magic. Castle Magic allows house decorators a way to use sensors, switches and buttons to cast magical spells for their house guests, and even allows players to build simple puzzles similar to those found in the early dungeons of Wizard101.

“It’s also interesting to note that there are an abnormal amount of humans in this concept. Though one is likely a genie and another likely a god or the Scorpion child in a false form, we usually see animals depicted. Malistaire and Sylvia were obvious exceptions, but they came from Wizard City. Morganthe was an oddity. Rasputin turned out to be The Rat in disguise. It would seem, however, that we’re moving into more human characters. But rest assured, there’ll be plenty of fun and whimsy based on some of the character art.

The primary villain, pictured next to Old Cob in the background, must surely be one of Old Cob’s Children. He had three – a spider, a rat, and a scorpion.

The Rat was defeated in Polaris (though he will likely return for the final battle with Grandfather Spider), the Bat may fit in with an extension of Darkmoor or Empyrea (being a sky world), and the Scorpion fits perfectly with Mirage. While the staff the villain holds looks a little bit more like a crab than a scorpion, my guess is that it’s an indicator of his true form.”

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