Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode Will Be Unavailable As of June 25

After a sudden farewell with Telltale games, still the outcomes for the company’s closure haven’t finished. While The Walking Dead: The Final Season survived from getting destroyed after the shutdown, some other franchises like The Wolf Among Us, Batman: The Enemy Within and Tales from Borderlands didn’t make it out alive and now Minecraft: Story Mode is going to join the group of dead IPs until the end of June.

Minecraft is officially the best-selling title of all time if we ignore speculation on Tetris series. The game has been developed by Mojang and reached an unbelievable success during all the years after its launch. In October 2015, Telltale Games released a story-based title set in the world of Minecraft using its unique and cubic graphics style. After succeeding in catching attentions for the first season, the studio started working on a sequel and launched it a year later in 2016.

However, right now there is no Telltale Games around to develop new episodes or at least support its previously released seasons and due to the publisher’s closure, its IPs are going to disappear from the stores soon and for Minecraft: Story Mode it will happen on June 25. According to Mojang, players will only be able to download and install all of the episodes for Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 & 2 until June 25 through all platforms. As of the aforementioned date, the game will be unavailable in stores.

It’s really disappointing that Telltale’s great franchises are getting defunct one after another and no one is around to buy out the rights for IPs and revive them.

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