Minecraft Earth Closed Beta Announced with Trailer

Minecraft Earth Closed Beta Announced with Trailer

Minecraft Earth is an upcoming augmented reality mobile game that is coming to Android and IOS devices. Recently the game has announced a new closed beta along with a trailer to go with it.

The trailer shows off how the building and augmented reality will work for the game as you can build a little Minecraft ecosystem anywhere at any time. You can see the trailer here:

The game’s map is based on your real world location. You gather blocks and materials known as Tapables for building all around town or the world if you prefer. You can place these Tapables anywhere and you’ll get experience points whenever you find and unlock a Tapable.

You can also find new chests that include new special mob types such as a muddy pig which aren’t available int he main Minecraft game.

For building in public, you can build plates to create buildings in realtime and more plates will become available as you level up. If you place a plate down, friends and others will be able to join you on your building process. Each plate has its own ecosystem where everything that’s placed can interact with the environment, including enemies and fire.

When you’re done creating your building, you can place any plate full-size in the real world, so people can go in and explore your little building. Just be careful of tripping over any real-world objects, but that shouldn’t be a huge problem. As long as you build appropriately in safe areas such as parks and neighborhoods, you should generally be fine.

If you want to get in on Minecraft Earth early, then you can sign up on their website here.

Check out our report on the game’s initial announcement here.

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