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Mike Laidlaw
Mike Laidlaw

Mike Laidlaw Announces His Departure From Ubisoft

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Former Creative Director of the Dragon Age series, Mike Laidlaw has announced it’s departure of Ubisoft Quebec. The announcement was made via Twitter, he leaves Ubisoft after a short stint, where he worked an unannounced AAA project.

“Today is my last day with Ubisoft,” said Mike Laidlaw. “Huge thanks to the talented and welcoming folks at Ubisoft Quebec City for my time there. Now time to take stock and figure out what’s next!”

Mike Laidlaw served as the Creative Director of the Dragon Age series. Prior to his work as Lead Designer on Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, Mike played a key role in the development of other BioWare titles, such as Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. He is credited as Creative Director of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Mike Laidlaw move away from Ubisoft might be related to the recent restructuring of Ubisoft’s Editorial team.

We are reinforcing our editorial team to be more agile and better accompany our development teams around the world as they create the best gaming experiences for players”

Ubisoft has also seen the return of long time employee Maxime Béland, he is now currently acting as the Vice President of the new editorial team. Ubisoft now has seven Vice President, each VP is assigned to lead one franchise. It’s Ubisoft’s vision to keep each project as unique as it possibly be done.

Each VP reports directly to Serge Hascoet, President of the Editorial Team. Hascoet gives autonomy of decision to each VP.

One anonymous source told VGC: “In the previous system that editorial had, there were often the ideas of just one or two people getting put into every game. That’s why you tended to see such similarity, because it’s the same taste and opinion being replicated.”

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