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Game Stack Live
Game Stack Live

Microsoft’s Game Stack Live Schedule Revealed

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Unfortunately, GDC 2020 was cancelled due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Microsoft had announced they wouldn’t take part in GDC, they announced that all the information that would’ve been revealed at GDC will be shared on Game Stack Live. Today, Microsoft announced the schedule of announcements to take place at Game Stack Live the stream will start at 10:00 am PT on Tuesday, March 17th.

Microsoft will reveal the latest cloud and game development technologies from Microsoft, information of Xbox Game Studios and its projects will also be revealed with special behind the scenes with the creators. The stream will also have with “deep technical talks and panel discussions” led by industry leaders. It’s very interesting how Microsoft takes the opportunity to showcase a big stream event, they surely could’ve waited for E3 2020 and possibly get more media exposure, but they’re committed and eager to keep fans hyped and waiting for what’s next from Microsoft.

Coronavirus is becoming scary, the incidents in Europe specially Italy has raised awareness of the risk of the virus, the recent outbreak in USA might force the cancellation of future gaming events, considering this it’s very wise from Microsoft and its gaming division to start making livestreams and keep fans informed about the latest information.

Game Stack Live Schedule

​​​Day 1 – March 17, 2020​

10:00  Welcome to Game Stack Live!​

10:25  How The Coalition built Gears 5 to be more accessible

10:45  Building accessibility into your game – the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines

11:00  Panel: The changing nature of today’s game industry

11:35  Panel: How to be intentionally inclusive in your game design

12:15  What is Microsoft Game Stack?

12:30  The Importance of LiveOps

1:00  Rare: Building Sea of Thieves with a LiveOps Mentality

1:35  What it means to run a game studio – a conversation with Turn 10

2:00  Maximizing impact and reach for your independent games with the ID@Xbox team​

Day 2 – March 18, 2020

10:00  Previously on Game Stack Live 10:15 How inXile used creative iteration to drive Wasteland’s development

10:40  Panel: How online services are defining the next generation of game development

11:40  Xbox Series X + Project xCloud = New Chapter in Gaming

12:40  The spark of creativity that drives Double Fine

1:20  What’s new in DirectX: Raytracing, mesh shading, and more

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