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Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020 System Requirements Revealed

Microsoft today revealed the minimum specifications of hardware required to run Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020. Players won’t need a top of the line PC harware to run the game. According to Forbes the game will require an AMD Ryzen 3 1200 processor, or a fourth gen Intel i5 processor. Graphics cards must have 2GB of video memory, so basically, a Radeon RX 570 or Nvidia GTX 770 will be enough to run the game, 8GB of Ram will also be needed.

Now players who want to run the game at medium level of detail will need a superior system, AMD players will need at least a Ryzen 5 bundled with a Radeon RX 590 GPU. Team blue will need an eight gen Intel Core i5, an 8400 will get you there, an Nvidia GTX 970 GPU will comfortably handle the game at decent amount of details. Players who opt for this route will need at least 16GB of ram to run the game.

Now, hardcore fans of the franchise, those who literally have a decade waiting for the next Microsoft Flight Simulator, and want to see the game at its finest fidelity will need a top of the line gaming PC. Team red will need to have a Ryzen Pro 2700X bundled with a Radeon VII GPU, that’s 8GB of video memory needed. Team blue must have an Intel Core i7-97800 and a Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU. This specs will also require a 32GB of ram and the game will take 150GB preferably on an SSD.

The game is confirmed to have a very impressive multiplayer option, players will need at least an internet service capable of delivering 5Mbits/sec. However, Microsoft recommends a 20Mbits/sec for take the best of the multiplayer experience.

Players who don’t have a PC with that much power, can opt for the Xbox One version of the game, or can wait for the Xbox Series X in order to play the game at much higher details.

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