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Microsoft Says Series X|S Are “fastest-selling consoles”

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Microsoft has been doing extremely well entering into this console generation, which is a vast improvement over the multiple stumbles they made the last time out with the Xbox One. During an earnings call made this month, we now know a little more about how well the Xbox Series X|S consoles have been doing, and there is plenty for them to celebrate.

During said call Microsoft boss Satya Nadella stated that their latest generation of the Xbox family are their “fastest-selling consoles ever, with more consoles sold life-to-date than any previous generation.” While this does give us some room to estimate their actual sales figures have been kept hidden. This is not unusual for the company as they have chosen not to release their figures to the public for some years now.

Games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad took to Twitter shortly after to give a more specific figure. As he states “We estimate that the Xbox Series X|S total sell-in was 6.5m as of June 30, 2021” and that by comparison “our estimate of 5.7m for Xbox One and 5.0m for Xbox 360 in the same timeframe”. It should also be noted that the availability of the console has risen over the last quarter.

Daniel went on to say that:

Of course while the Xbox One shipped more than the 360 early on, the 360 outsold it over time. The Series X|S should do a better job maintaining its lead given its dual SKU strategy and content + Game Pass focus this generation.

The companies focus on first-party developers, something that they lacked during the Xbox One generation, as well as their game pass service model means there is no reason to expect this pace to not last. Especially through 2022, when a lot of major first-party titles are slated to launch.

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