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Desigend for Xbox
Desigend for Xbox

Microsoft Reveals Designed for Xbox Program

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Microsoft has announced today the partnership with 34 gaming brands around the world, the mentioned brands will be able to use the ‘Designed for Xbox’ badge.

The badge will be used by gaming peripherals manufacturers as a way to confirm that its product meets or exceeds the levels of quality that Xbox demands. The Designed for Xbox badge also tells buyers that the accessory will provide the best possible, regardless of generation,

“Designed for Xbox is working hard with our partners to ensure continued compatibility across as many products as possible.”

Today, Designed for Xbox is partnering with over 34 gaming brands around the world and have expanded our licensed accessories in categories such as accessibility, PC, Cloud Gaming, and even American Girl. But we aren’t finished!

The Designed for Xbox program’s mission has always been to enhance the user experience on Xbox by building quality consumer products from brands they love. Our partners have been wonderful supporters of Xbox, and for that, we are excited to continue building these great relationships in the next generation of gaming.

Any officially licensed Xbox One accessory that connects to your console wired or wirelessly via USB will work on Xbox Series X. Additionally, any headsets that connect via your Xbox Wireless Controller’s 3.5mm port will also be supported.

Some gaming headsets that utilize an optical cable may require a firmware update to support game and chat audio over USB on Xbox Series X. Soundbars and headsets that do not receive updates may be connected directly to your televisions optical port. Starting this holiday, many Designed for Xbox controller charging solutions will also include a second battery door to fit both the new and existing Xbox Wireless Controllers.

Source: Xbox

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